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Welcome to Daily Customs

Daily Customs combines each step from design to manufacturing, marketing and shipping under one roof with the company being in Hamburg, Germany.

Our dedication for high quality EDC is our driving force to develop our own range of products which meets our own high requirements of quality, design and diversity.

Each product made by Daily Customs stands for functional, thought-out design with many years of experience which is 100% "made in Germany". Many choices of materials and matching product lines allow a huge variety of combinations for our customers. Individualize your EDC now!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and infos and for limited editions.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate contacting us directly.

We have a positive outlook on the future and are looking forward to hearing from you, or getting your feedback!

For gear lovers - by gear lovers.

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Diversity by DC 91.1

Customize your SAK

Our SAK Scales are made on a high precision CNC machine and are direct fit replacement for the original plastic scales.

You can easily combine all materials and color options from our 91.1 system to make your Swiss Pocket Knife unique.

DC Basic Bead

Beads by DC

This is our customizable bead system and contains both ends of the Basic Bead in the same material of your choice.

This Basic Bead is made for the Basic Bead Coupler piece/s to be added, so you can mix and match materials and shapes tool-free.

DC Patches

DC Patches

Daily Customs Patches