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  • worldwide shipping with tracking & insurance
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Suppliers & Partners

We are working in close cooperation with a few, carefully selected dealers who also offer our products.

1. Altonaer Silber Werkstatt

Altonaer Silberwerkstatt is a silver workshop with a long-standing tradition in manufacturing top-notch silver works and dealing with a multitude of cutlery.

Their shop in Hamburg-Altona is easy to reach and offers the perfect opportunity to check out our products in person.

The Altonaer Silberwerkstatt’s galvanic procedures allow for our products to be purified magnificently. By coating our scales in silver or gold, your SAK turns into the ultimate luxury item.

ASW Altonaer Silber Werkstatt

Holstenstr. 188-194

22765 Hamburg


2. Böker Manufaktur Solingen

If you are somewhat interested in knives, you probably already know who Boker is. The fine ladies and gentlemen from Solingen have been around knife production for so long, that no-one would be really surprised if during an archeological excavation someone would find pre-historic cutting tools that bear the iconic tree logo.

In 2020, we started cooperating with Boker Manufaktur in order to manufacture our own knife series "Daily Knives". All blades are are forged and finished by hand in Solingen, which carries the alias "City of Blades". We are very happy - and a little proud - to have Boker on board.


3. Sten Schiller / Schiller Custom Parts

The process of etching non-ferrous heavy metals has been perfected by Sten Schiller. He takes ordinary DC scales and, through specifically developed procedures, turns them into unique eyecatchers. Actualizing his customers' ideas is Sten's top priority.

Whether you have somthing specific in mind or are simply looking for some inspiration, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sten Schiller.


4. Alexander Kremer / Kremer Werkzeuge

Alex Kremer is one of the most exciting knifemakers in Germany. Despite his young age, Alex has refined his craft and acquired quite the impressive expertise when it comes to handling various steel grades and materials. His custom knife portfolio includes small, medium, and large fixed knives. No matter the size, they all have one thing in common. If you desire to call a perfectly thought-out and finished Custom Kremer your own, you’ll have a couple of months for that anticipation to build up. The demand is that constant and high.

His design philosophy is cherished throughout the EDC community and can be found within the AK1 by Daily Knives. Designed by Alex Kremer, manufactured by Böker Manufaktur Solingen, and finished by Daily Customs with the additional option to be refined by Kremer Werkzeuge personally.


5. Gold- und Messerschmiede

Peter Döring is a skilled goldsmith who has turned his passion for jewelry and cutlery into a career. The combination of those two result in astonishing work on his own and our products.

Elaborate finishes and individual adornments turn every product into an absolute eye-catcher. Unique alterations can be implemented on request.


6. Balbach Damast

We’ve been searching for a long time to find a forge that satisfies our high requirements when it comes to material quality, manufacturing precision, and repetition accuracy. We receive our ‘exotic’ material directly from BalbachDamast. With its decade-long tradition in forging Damascus steel, BalbachDamast has have become one of the most experienced suppliers one can find in Germany.

DSC® Titanium, DSC® Mokume, DSC® Zitanium, and DSC® Inox are registered trademarks by BalbachDamast.


7. Messer & Co

It is close to impossible to talk about the German cutlery online business without mentioning Dirk Wanger.

Besides Daily Customs' products, Dirk Wanger offers a variety of his own products, which we can't recommend enough.


8. Messerdepot

Knives are a matter close to Rosi and Sven's heart. More than 15 years ago, they started started the cumbersome procedure of crafting their own online store. By now, Messerdepot has become a household name when it comes to fine knives and loads of accessories, not only in Germany. It was only a matter of time for Daily Knives to join their assortment.

The amount of passion those two have put into Messerdepot has clearly paid off - especially for their customers.