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Daily Knives

Production Knives and Midtech Knives

100% made in Germany

The knife is one of humanity’s oldest and most important tools. Trying to separate human history from knives in all its shapes and forms is therefore impossible.

Over time, humankind has changed the choice of material, designs, and quality in order to adapt to their changed needs.

Even though modern society’s demand for this age-old tool remains unabated, it is extremely difficult for emerging knifemakers to make a living by manufacturing cutlery.

Daily Knives is a joint project of Daily Customs and Böker Manufaktur Solingen. Modern innovation and more than 150 years of handcrafted, machine-supported knife-making join hands to create something new.

While Daily Customs and Böker Manufaktur enable the general framework, a variety of knifemakers is meant to fill the tools with life.

Design, choice of material, and overall concept are implemented in accordance to our knifemakers’ visions. By adding possible, additional working steps to the production knife, our knifemakers upgrade already beautiful products into something unique and fascinating.

Amongst international knife aficionados this is what we call Midtech or Semi-Custom Knives.

AK1 Blades

Drop Point or Reverse Tanto? Pick your blade!

AK1 Scales

A multitude of scales for your AK1 knife

AK1 Accessories

Kydex and leather sheaths for your AK1

Drop Point and Reverse Tanto are the two different blade shades you can choose from. Pick whichever you prefer.

Furthermore, we offer two different finishes for each blade. You can either go with satin or stonewash finish. While the choice is up to your personal taste, stonewashed blades are is particularly popular with many customers. If you really use a knife, traces of usage happen. A scratch here, some wear marks there. Stonewashed steel manages to mask most of these traces.

Multi-sided CNC-milled handle scales made of titanium and lead-free aluminum bronze. Home field advantage for Daily Customs.

Over the past few years, we have accumulated a ton of experience and know-how when it comes to handling metals. Now it is time to transfer the familiar quality and variety to Daily Knives.

If you like to keep your scales plain, you can do just that with our AK1 Scales Plain. Should you you feel like adding a little extra, though, we also offer some inlays made of different materials. These can be applied to the AK1 Scales Inlay.

In our experience, there is no clear winner as far as popularity goes. That is why we decided to offer both, Kydex and leather holsters, so that the choice can be left up to you.

While the leather sheaths are purchased from a craftsman, we acquired the necessary know-how and equipment to manufacture the Kydex holsters ourselves. From cutting the blanks to engraving our logos, everything is done at our Daily Customs facility.

100% made in Germany

Böker and Daily Customs

The knife itself is manufactured in the German city of Solingen, which is known like no other for generations of fine knife-making. Tons of experience, know-how, and honest craftsmanship by Böker Manufaktur Solingen ensure outstanding quality that makes every knife enthusiasts heart skip a beat, whenever one catches sight of a Böker blade.

The finished Production Knife is distributed by Böker GmbH with specially manufactured grip plates. The handle may be equipped with various woods, composite materials, or bones.

Additionally, our Daily Knives online store offers our customers a variety of configuration options. Daily Customs’ popular modular concept is transferred to the new project.

Prospectively, one will be able to choose from different knifemakers, blade shapes, blade finishes, handle materials, leather sheaths, Kydex sheaths, and the option to further individualize each blade by the maker who designed it.

We are looking forward to adding another chapter to the (pocket) knife’s history.

Alex Kremer

Perfection meets young craftsmanship

In 1993 Alex Kremer was born in Fulda, Germany.

Inspired by countless childhood trips to Scandinavia and Finland’s puukko knives, Alex began making his own knives while still going to school.

Over the years, Alex Kremer (Kremer Werkzeuge) has refined his craft and acquired quite the impressive expertise when it comes to handling various steel grades and materials.

His custom knife portfolio includes small, medium, and large fixed knives. No matter the size, they all have one thing in common. If you desire to call a perfectly thought-out and finished Custom Kremer your own, you’ll have a couple of months for that anticipation to build up. The demand is that consistent and high.

Especially the highly sought-after small, EDC-suitable, fixed pocketknives appeal to many collectors and aficionados. Recurring lines, consistent workmanship on the highest level, and an incredible suitability for day-to-day use fascinate everyone who appreciates knives.

When naming his brand ‘Kremer Werkzeuge (tools)’, Alex wanted to make a statement. His knives are not meant to be sitting behind glass inside a showcase, they are crafted to be used. Perfect balance between compact design and fully functional cutting tool is what his projects must adhere to.

The very same philosophy is mirrored by Daily Knives’ first knife - the ‘AK1’. A simple, concise name that leaves room for more.

Designed by Alex Kremer, manufactured by Böker Manufaktur Solingen, and finished by Daily Customs with the additional option to be refined by Kremer Werkzeuge personally. The result is our very first Daily Knives product.

More will follow.