DC 91.2 Ti Rusty

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SAK Scales 91mm

91.2 Ti Rusty is available in pattern Plain, 35°Angle, Pinstripes and Labyrinth in very limited quantities.

The titanium will be anodized grey to bronze and treated afterwards to obtain this special, very durable finish.

Frontside, backside and three screws are always included.

We recommend using a 2K-Epoxy for applying the scales.

Most pocketclips with a three hole pattern like Emerson Knives, Steel Flame Jewelry and Benchmade use are compatible with our DC 91.2+ and DC 91.2.

Important Note
Please note that anodized products may vary in their appearance. There may be slight differences in color compared to the photographed examples.

Measurements per scale:

Length: 91mm (3.58')

Width: 20mm (.787')

Height: 3,0mm (.118’)
Weight per set of scales:

Ti: g (oz)