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DC 91.2 DSC® Mokume

360.00 €
Delivery time: 5 day(s)


Daily Customs 91.2 Scales

91 mm SAK Scales

Our 91.2 DSC® Mokume is available in two unique damask structure called Fishbone and Ferus. These variations are applicable to all medium Swiss pocket knives with a total length of 91 mm.

DSC® Mokume Fishbone is made by forging copper, brass, and nickel silver into one alloy.

DSC® Mokume Ferus is made by forging copper, brass, and bronze into one alloy.

A set of three stainless steel screws, front and back scale are always included in the delivery, regardless of your material selection.

We recommend that you use two-component epoxy adhesive in order to fit the scales to your SAK.

Most pocket clips with a three-hole pattern like those by Emerson Knives, Steel Flame Jewelry, and Benchmade are compatible with our DC 91.2. Naturally, our 3H Pocketclips fit just as well.

It is also possible to have us install this set of scales on a brand-new Swiss pocketknife. You need to add both, the scales and the respective knife, to your cart. All available 91 mm SAK models can be found here.

We’ve been searching for a long time to find a forge that satisfies our high requirements when it comes to material quality, manufacturing precision, and repetition accuracy.

We receive our ‘exotic’ material directly from BalbachDamast. With its decade-long tradition in forging Damascus steel, BalbachDamast has become one of the most experienced suppliers one can find in Germany.

DSC® Mokume is a registered trademark by BalbachDamast.

Important Note:

The used materials are subject to natural processes like aging and patinating. This process cannot be prevented, hence color and shape may slightly differ.

Please note that every single product made of Damascus steel is unique. Patterns of finished products are likely to look noticeably different than the photographed sample.

Measurements per scale:

Length: 91.00 mm (3.583")

Width: 20.00 mm (0.787")

Height: 3.00 mm (0.118")

Weight per set of scales:

DSC® Mokume Fishbone: 74.0 g (2.610 oz)

DSC® Mokume Ferus: 74.4 g (2.624 oz)