DC 91.2

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SAK Scales 91mm

Our standard version 91.2 is available in titanium, brass and copper.

Frontside, backside and three screws are always included.

We recommend using a 2K-Epoxy for applying the scales.

Most pocketclips with a three hole pattern like Emerson Knives, Steel Flame Jewelry and Benchmade use are compatible with our DC 91.2+ and DC 91.2.

Important Note:
Some materials we are using, especially metals like brass and copper are subject to natural processes like aging and patinating. This process is unavoidable and might differ in colour and shape.

Measurements per scale:

Length: 91mm (3.58')

Width: 20mm (.787')

Height: 3,0mm (.118')
Weight per set of scales:

Cu: g (oz)

Br: g (oz)

Ti: g (oz)