91.2 DSC® Titanium

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SAK Scales 91mm

91.2 DSC® Titanium is available in patterns „Fishbone“ and „Torsion“.
DSC® Titanium is layered titanium damascus consisting of different titanium alloys, forged to a solid material.

Frontside, backside and three screws are always included.

We recommend using a 2K-Epoxy for applying the scales.

While searching for a company that complies with our high demands on quality, precision and repetition accuracy we came across "BalbachDamast".

For future we will obtain our exotic materials directly from long-established German company "BalbachDamast", who has the experience of decades of forging different damascus materials.

DSC® Titanium is a registered brand from „BalbachDamast“.

Important Note:
Please note that every product made out of layered metals varies in its appearance. Every piece made out of layered materials does not look as the other. There are always differences compared to our pictured example.

Measurements per scale:

Length: 91mm (3.58')

Width: 20mm (.787')

Height: 3,0mm (.118')