Instructions DC


How to install your DC scales?

  1. If your SAK has a tweezers, toothpick and/or pen - please take them out.
  2. With a sharp object of your choice pry off the plastic scales from your SAK.
  3. Make sure to clean off the surface from any fat or dust. For best results roughen up the surface.
  4. Test fit the DC scales without glue. With some pressure there should be no gap left.
  5. Carefully apply some glue inside our scales. Be careful not to put too much glue on it - otherwise the tweezers, toothpick and/ or pen slot might get jammed.
  6. Put our scales onto the knife. Apply slight pressure until everything sits right.
  7. Take some clamps or similar to apply an even pressure from both sides.
  8. Let glue dry out completely. We suggest you'll leave the clamps on for much longer, to make sure the glue is completely dried out.
  9. If 2-Part Epoxy squeezed out of the sides, you can easily remove it after the Epoxy dried out. When using other glue as we provide, it might be possible that it has to be removed before it dries.